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Make math fun with this free polygon game! Polygons can be intimidating for students. Introduce or reinforce geometrical concepts in an engaging yet fun way with this free math activity!

With this free download, you will find five separate free printables. On the first worksheet you will find instructions including the materials you will need, how you should set the game up, and how you should play the game. The rest of the free printables include two sheets of shapes and two other sheets of the names of polygons. All your little learners need to do is cut out the squares and set up a good ‘ol game of match!

This free matching game can be used as a supplemental activity, a fun kinesthetic centers activity, or as an educational filler activity. Your little learners are sure to enjoy themselves in math class with the help of this free activity. All you need to do is download and print for free!

Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 3Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 3Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 2Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 2Quadrilateral Questions WorksheetQuadrilateral Questions WorksheetPolygons Practice Worksheet 2Polygons Practice Worksheet 2Polygons Practice WorksheetPolygons Practice Worksheet

Get it now!
Get it now!
Get it now!
Get it now!
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