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Math practice can become tedious and cumbersome. Ensure that your little one enjoys rudimentary mathematics practice with engaging worksheets! Even better yet, use these free engaging worksheets!

On this free geometry worksheet you will find six circles. Your little one must determine the circumference of each of the given circles using the diameter given. In case your student needs extra assistance, there is an example circle at the top of the free worksheet. This example provides a visual in addition to a written explanation; not only will this appeal to visual learners but linguistic and possible auditory as well. After the six circles, there is a word problem provided on the bottom of the worksheet for additional challenge.

In addition to this free geometry worksheet, there is also a free coordinating answer key available! Be sure to utilize the free answer key when you help your little learner review their answers!

Circumference of a Circle 3Circumference of a Circle 3Circumference of a CircleCircumference of a CircleMeasure Circumference Worksheet 5Measure Circumference Worksheet 4Measure Circumference Worksheet 3

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