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Reinforce geometrical concepts with this engaging, free polygon worksheet! Polygons can be intimidating for students. Introduce or reinforce geometrical concepts in an effective way with this free educational worksheet.

With this free download, you will find two separate worksheets. The first free math worksheet includes six different shapes with information to fill in for each polygon. There is a sample parallelogram filled in at the top of the worksheet as a model. The second worksheet is an answer key for your little learner, should either of you need the assistance! The answer key provides answers for each shape, so you could always review one with the entire class as direct instruction before encouraging individual practice!

This free math worksheet works well as an activity for each student to attempt individually, or as an independent activity during centers. You could even provide this free worksheet as an additional supplementation for any students needing extra help or an additional challenge.

Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 3Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 3Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 2Quadrilateral Questions Worksheet 2Quadrilateral Questions WorksheetQuadrilateral Questions WorksheetPolygons Practice Worksheet 2Polygons Practice Worksheet 2Polygons Practice WorksheetPolygons Practice Worksheet

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Get it now!

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