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Do you like this amazing old city coloring page? Why don’t you download it, print it and start coloring it?

Coloring enthusiasts claim that coloring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed. When engaged in their hobby, “colorists,” as they call themselves, say that their worries temporarily fade away.

Some therapists believe that coloring provides the added benefit of taking us back to the simpler times of our childhood. There’s some hope that coloring can act as a “gateway activity” to reach people who could benefit from art therapy. One study on college students found that coloring pre-drawn patterns significantly reduced signs of stress and depression.

So, are you ready to enjoy yourself? 1, 2, 3… Color!

Fantasy Sneakers Coloring PageHouses Coloring PageOld City Coloring PageTown Houses Coloring PageJust Start Coloring Page

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