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Edinburgh was the first city in the world which had its own fire-brigade. Check out and share more interesting facts about Scotland!

  • Scotland is the second largest country in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Scotland has approximately 790 islands out of which only 130 are inhabited.
  • Edinburgh, like Rome, was built on 7 hills.
  • The official animal of Scotland is Unicorn.
    Scotland Facts

    The fictitious unicorn has been a heraldic symbol of Scotland since the 12th century, when it was adopted by William 1 as the Scottish coat of arms.

  • English is the official language of Scotland.
  • Glasgow has the only subway system in Scotland.
  • Scotlands longest River, the River Tay flows for 190 kilometres.
  • Scotland boasts of over 600 square miles of freshwater lakes, known as lochs, of which the most famous one is Loch Ness.
  • Scotland is well known in the world for its whisky.
  • Scotland is considered the home land of golf.
  • 7 out of every 10 Scots have blue eyes.
  • The average temperature in July is 15 degrees Celsius; in January it is 3 degrees Celsius.
  • Scotland has a unique culture with traditions such as bagpipes, kilts and highland dancing.
  • Though all the banks in Scotland print their own money, they do not have the authority to produce coins.
  • Radar, the object detection system, was invented by the scientist from Scotland, Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt.
  • Sean Connery, the famous Hollywood actor, is of Scottish origin.
  • K Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter books, wrote her first novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in a café in Edinburgh.

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