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Fastes Fishes in the World

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Here’s a list of the fastest fishes in the world Sailfish is known to be the fastest fish in the world and has a speed of 110 km/hour. The scientific name of this fish is Istiophorus. On the second number is the Marlin fish which too has a speed of 110 km/hr and is known as Istiophoridae in scientific terms. Wahoo of the Scombridae family is the 3rd fastest fish in the world with a speed of 97 km/hr. Swordfish which is also known as Xiphias Gladius in scientific language is the 4th fastest fish in the entire world due to its speed of 97 km/hr.
Tune fish takes the 5th position in this list with its speed of 75 km/hr. This fish is also known as Thynus in scientific language. Flying Fish which has a scientific name of Exocoetidae swims with a speed of 70 km/hr and is thus placed on the 6th position in this list of the fastest fishes in the world. It is followed by Blue Shark which swims at 69 km/hr at the 7th position and Atlantic Bluefish Tuna which swims at a speed of 64 km/hr at the 8th position. Bonefish takes the 9th place with a speed of 64 km/hr and Tarpon is at the 10th place with a speed of 56 km/hr. – See more at:

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