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Time Telling

The ability to identify time on an analog clock is important, and furthermore it is imperative that your child be able to express this time in writing. Matching time on an analog clock to phrases such as, “Half past two” or “Quarter after seven” can be difficult for a student to fully master, so help them practice with this fun telling time game!

Giraffe Time begins with a team of two giraffes playing tug-o-war against another team. In order to help your giraffes pull, you must identify the correct phrasing for the analog time given. For example, if 12:30 is shown, then your little learner must select “Half past 12”. In order to win, you have to identify more phrases than the other team.

This free math game will allow your child the ability to practice telling analog time and converting this time into words with great ease–and enjoyment, too!