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It is imperative for your child to build a solid mathematical foundation. When new concepts are introduced, it is easy for your student to fall between the cracks and lose confidence in their mathematical abilities. Ensure that this does not happen to your little learner with consistent, rudimentary practice.

Daily math practice does not need to be monotonous and boring! Simply download and print this fun and free three digit addition with four addends worksheet, and watch as your child flourishes with their math practice.

On this worksheet you will find colorful graphics of a samurai warrior, in addition to twelve math problems of course. Watch as your student enjoys their regular math practice with this fun worksheet today!

BMX 3 Digit Addition with 4 AddendsSkater 3 Digit Addition with AddendsCowboy 3 Digit Addition 4 AddendsThree Digit Addition with 4 Addends

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