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Truly, who would not enjoy fantasizing about winning one million dollars? Use this free creative writing worksheet to help your child write about something that interests them.

Simply print the free worksheet and prompt them with the writing topic of “What would you do with one million dollars?” If they cannot seem to get started then provide them with the sentence starter of, “If I had one million dollars, then…” and have them finish the sentence on their own. Further prompting can include asking questions such as, “Why would you do this?” “Would you send money anywhere?” “What else could you buy?” “How would you family react?” “How would other people treat you?” Just be sure not to prompt your student too much! You always want them to self generate the details and explanation.

I Thought For a Moment That...I Opened the Door And...My Heart is A(n)...My Favorite Music Is...The Samurai Warrior…The Samurai Warrior…

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Get it now!