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Sentence starters are a great way to prompt your child yet allow their creativity to flow. Simply print out this free writing worksheet, and give them the sentence starter of, “My favorite thing to do is…” and let them finish the sentence.

Then, have your student keep writing. If they ever hit a momentary writer’s block, then further prompt them with questions pertaining to the five W’s: who, what, when, where why? Questions such as, “Why is this your favorite activity?” “How do you do it? Could you explain it to me so that I can do it too?” will help them further elaborate and ultimately create a detailed piece.

Further your little learner’s writing technique today with this free worksheet!

I Thought For a Moment That...I Opened the Door And...My Heart is A(n)...My Favorite Music Is...The Samurai Warrior…The Samurai Warrior…

Get it now!
Get it now!