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If your child would rather watch karate and fighting than sit writing then use this free writing worksheet to help them become motivated! Simply print the worksheet and provide them with the sentence starter of, “She stood strong and…”

The graphic on this worksheet will help them visualize a story, and you will sit back and watch the magic happen as your student finishes the sentence and writes much more! If they run out of ideas then further prompt them with questions such as, “Why is she fighting?” “Who is she fighting?” “How did she learn to fight like this?” “Where is her family?”

Help your little karate master earn a black belt in descriptive and creative writing with this free printable!



I Thought For a Moment That...I Opened the Door And...My Heart is A(n)...My Favorite Music Is...The Samurai Warrior…The Samurai Warrior…

Get it now!
Get it now!