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Are you and your child trapped in the snow this winter? Get them writing about it with this free printable! Simply print out this free worksheet and read the sentence starter aloud to your student, “The best thing to do on a snow day is…”

Allow your little writer to finish the sentence however they want, and then advise them to continue writing. Once your child runs out of ideas then prompt them with the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and why? Why is this the best thing to do in the snow? How do you do it? When is the best time do to this activity?

Enjoy being snowed in with your little loved one with this writing activity!

I Thought For a Moment That...I Opened the Door And...My Heart is A(n)...My Favorite Music Is...The Samurai Warrior…The Samurai Warrior…

Get it now!
Get it now!