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If you have a reluctant writer then you want to help them as much as possible, without of course providing them a little too much assistance. Sentence starters are the perfect happy medium! Simply print out this free worksheet and read the sentence starter aloud for your student.

Have your little learner finish the sentence on their own, and then they can continue writing from there. If they hit any writer’s block moments then prompt them further with questions such as, “Where were the dogs going?” “How many dogs are there?” or “What are the dogs’ names?”

This prompt provides great practice with verbal tenses. Because the prompt is in past tense, ensure that your student remains consistent!

I Thought For a Moment That...I Opened the Door And...My Heart is A(n)...My Favorite Music Is...The Samurai Warrior…The Samurai Warrior…

Get it now!
Get it now!