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This free Adventure Time blank paper is perfect for classroom activities. Perhaps you can use this as a doodle page when you need a filler activity, or this can be the perfect journal or flashy do now paper! Regardless of your needs, this free blank paper is sure to suit them.

Your students will have ample room to color, write, and doodle on this page. The only graphic is the Adventure Time themed character on the bottom right corner! Just be sure to print in color—the graphic is very vibrant!

Here are some different ways you can utilize this free download:

  • Write a letter to someone you admire. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a teacher! Explain why you admire them.
  • Draw a map towards a hidden treasure! Be sure to mark important landmarks along the way.
  • Quietly play tic-tac-toe with your neighbor while everyone else finishes their work! But shhhh… whoever makes a noise automatically loses!

The possibilities are endless with this fun and free blank paper! Who ever thought blank paper could be so exciting?

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Get it now!