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Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany, on its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands.

This city is a historic spa city whose hot springs were already  cherished by the Romans. Most of the hot sulphur springs are channeled into spas and are not accessible to the general public, but you can still see (and smell!) them. This hot water pours into the basins of Elisenbrunnen, a white neoclassical hall in the city centre and one of the most important landmarks of Aachen. The most popular public thermal bath in the city is the Carolus Thermen, where nearly 1000 visitors per day relax in the hot water in a beautiful atmosphere.

Other famous sights in this city include the Stadthalle (Town Hall); Aachen Cathedral, where 30 German kings were crowned; Aachener Tierpark (zoo) with its 1.700 animals; and the “Three-Country Corner”, a point between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Furthermore, Aachen is also home to a dozen museums and theaters.

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