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Need a little relaxation? Try coloring one of these advanced coloring pages out for size. Coloring has been scientifically proven to help lower the brain’s activity within the amygdala. As irrelevant as this sounds, it is actually very important to understand how coloring is so powerful; the amygdala is responsible for sending and receiving stress signals, so lower amygdala levels is synonymous with a release of stress.

Simply find the animal you enjoy most, download, and print-it’s that simple! These advanced coloring pages are not simple, either. Peruse any series of our advanced coloring pages and you are sure to find the intricate designs fascinating. Even the most sophisticated of colorers will enjoy these coloring pages!

Don’t buy into the adult coloring book hype when you can create your own custom coloring book here! You can piece together as many advanced coloring pages as you like at no cost whatsoever; truly, where else can you find that?

Free Elephant Coloring Page for AdultsSeahorses Coloring PageWhite Eagle Coloring PageBison Head Doodle Coloring PageRain Snails Coloring Page

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