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Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time at KidsPressMagazine; enjoy these free Christmas coloring pages to help get into the holiday spirit and relieve some stress! Everyone knows about the new adult coloring trend, but did you know there is actually scientific backing to its popularity? According to recent studies, coloring is one of the most effective ways to combat stress.

Stress is inevitable this time of year. The holidays pack quite a bit of expectations, and sometimes they become a bit too much to bear. Help yourself, or a friend or loved one, relax with the fun and engaging activity of coloring. Sure, it might sound childish, but trust us–these coloring pages are sophisticated enough for the most experienced colorer.

Indulge in this guiltless, free activity this holiday season to help yourself unwind! These festive images will help keep your holiday spirit alive, and you’ll be sure to not to burn the candle at both ends!

Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 21Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 20Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 19Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 21Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 20

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