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Santa Clause is coming to town with these free Christmas coloring pages! Simply find out you like (which won’t be difficult!), download, and print all in the convenience of your home. These free advanced coloring pages are sure to be a hit this holiday; not only will they help you get into the festive spirit, but they help alleviate any stress associated with it, too!

Coloring isn’t just for kids! In fact, scientists have recently discovered that coloring is quite therapeutic. You see, the brain’s amygdala works to control our emotions, and coloring helps lessen activity within the amygdala. Therefore, as you focus on coloring, your stress and tension slowly soothes!

Don’t think that these Christmas coloring pages are for kids, either! These designs are so intricately created that even the most sophisticated of colorers will have a blast! In this series of Christmas coloring pages, you will find options ranging from Santa’s hat to his sleigh and even reindeer!

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