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You’ll be smitten with this mitten free Christmas coloring page! Get into the holiday spirit while also eliminating tension with this series of free adult coloring pages. Coloring has been proven to help alleviate stress and tension; in fact, coloring is rather therapeutic for all ages!

Gone are the days of only children coloring; now, you can find adult coloring books almost anywhere! But don’t purchase any of these trendy coloring books–download and print free adult coloring pages here from KisPressMagazine!

In addition to these free Christmas coloring pages, we have an array of other coloring pages as well. Take a look here! All of our advanced coloring pages are sophisticated enough to thrill even the most zealous of advanced colorers. Their intricate designs have been expertly crafted to challenge coloring enthusiasts of all kinds!

So find an advanced coloring page you enjoy and download today for free! Treat yourself to some relaxation time; your body and mind are sure to thank you for it!

Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 21Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 20Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 19Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 21Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 20

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