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It’s no secret that coloring pages are the trendiest way to combat any built up stress. Particularly around the holidays, stress management is of the utmost importance. What better way to both alleviate stress and find yourself in the holiday spirit than to color this intricately designed advanced coloring page?

Within this series of advanced coloring pages, you will find expertly crafted coloring pages. From gingerbread houses to nutcrackers and festive trees, you are sure to find yourself jolly and in good spirit after coloring in these pages.

Whether you need some time to unwind after a long day, or you want to provide some free therapy to your patients at work, these advanced coloring patients have the power to soothe and heal.

Coloring is said to help de-stress and relax because of the necessary focus. When you focus on coloring, your worries and tensions are thus diverted and channeled into a much more productive (and even fun!) activity.

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These advanced coloring pages with unlimited download are sure to be the stress relief that your patients, family members, and friends need to unwind.

Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 21Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 20Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 19Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 21Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 20

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