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Coloring pages aren’t just for the kids anymore. In fact, advanced coloring catered to more sophisticated colorers can work wonders for relaxation and stress relief! Simply download, print, and color in these free Christmas coloring worksheets for some quiet time that is sure to lower blood pressure and reduce stressors in your life.

Years ago, psychologists learned that coloring works to refocus activity, especially within the amygdala. The amygdala is the area of the brain responsible for emotional responses, including stress. Once activity is lowered within this portion of the brain you feel stress relief, and coloring has been linked to lower amygdala levels.

This series of advanced coloring pages include intricate patterns that will please the most sophisticated of coloring enthusiasts. Create delightful, holiday pieces with friends, family, or as a part of some alone time to unwind!

Treat yourself to some fun and relaxation this holiday season with these free Christmas coloring pages! Why buy into the adult coloring fad when you can indulge here for free? Enjoy all of the benefits of coloring for free with KidsPressMagazine!

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