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No one should have to live under the constant pressure of stress, but unfortunately many people of all forms of life suffer from severe stress and anxiety. While it is difficult to completely wipe away the stress for good, there are some scientifically proven activities that can help alleviate stress. Coloring works to lessen the activity level of the brain’s amygdala, which in turn lowers stress. Not to mention, coloring in these free advanced coloring pages is pretty entertaining!

Many children will have to make visits to hospitals and waiting rooms this holiday season. What better way to brighten their visit than by offering these free christmas coloring pages? Providing these free anti stress therapy activities for children in waiting rooms of offices and hospitals can work wonders for the stress of both the children and the parents.

Make the holidays a little brighter for those who could really use a shining star. Treat someone you know could use some relaxation to these beautiful (and free!) christmas coloring pages!

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