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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your coloring pages? Relieve some stress this holiday season with this series of free Christmas coloring pages! Simply find one you like, download, and print for free. Color this ornament-filled tree to your heart’s content! Who knows, maybe it will even join your holiday decorations this year!

Coloring is one of the trendiest new ways to relax, even for adults! Not only is coloring simply enjoyable, but it is scientifically prove to reduce stress as well. Scientists examined the brains of people who colored versus people carrying out other activities and the findings were astounding. Those who colored displayed significantly lower amygdala activity levels; lower activity levels within the amygdala are synonymous with low stress, since the amygdala is responsible for controlling emotions.

Keep yourself calm and collected this holiday season by taking some time out for yourself! Find your favorite free Christmas coloring page and indulge!

Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 21Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 20Advanced Christmas Coloring Page 19Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 21Christmas Coloring Anti Stress Therapy 20

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