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Lions, tigers, coloring oh boy! These advanced coloring pages are proven to effectively minimize your stress, tension, and anxiety. Coloring helps to lower the activity of the brain’s amygdala, which is responsible for sending and receiving stress receptors. When the amygdala’s activity lowers, your body can relax and feel at peace.

Lions, Tigers, Coloring Oh Boy!

Our advanced animal coloring collection boasts over fifty different animals for you to choose from! If that isn’t enough, then there are even more collections, such as: the fantasy coloring collection, ocean coloring collection, flowers coloring pages, and even a travel collection! Surely, you can find multiple advanced coloring pages that you enjoy.

The best part is that you can print out as many coloring pages as you like at no cost! It’s true–all of these sophisticated coloring pages are free. Don’t buy into the adult coloring book hype when you can create your own unique book for free here with KidsPressMagazine!

Whether you need the stress relief, or you know someone else who does, these free coloring pages are sure to work wonders. Try one out today to see for yourself!

Free Elephant Coloring Page for AdultsSeahorses Coloring PageWhite Eagle Coloring PageBison Head Doodle Coloring PageRain Snails Coloring Page

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