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The Day of the Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, is a popular holiday celebrated in most Southern American cultures. From October 31st to November 2nd, families welcome the spirits of dead ancestors into their homes. Decorations, feasts, and festivities are planned to pay homage and respect to deceased family members. In fact, this holiday is so important to many people that they save money for months in order to plan and prepare.

Teach your students about this popular holiday with a free advanced coloring page sugar skull! As you discuss the importance and meaning behind this holiday, students can create Day of the Dead decorations of their own by coloring in the sugar skulls.

Simply download and print either this white and black free advanced coloring sugar skull, or enjoy the already colorful free printable sugar skull!

Voodoo Girl Coloring PageDay Of The Dead GirlDay Of The Dead GirlSugar Skull Advanced Coloring 24Sugar Skull Advanced Coloring 23Sugar Skull Advanced Coloring 22

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Get it now!