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Encourage your child to learn the difference between common and proper nouns with the help of this free worksheet!

On this worksheet you will find two different pages. The first section on the first page contains ten sentences. For each sentence, your little learner must underline any common nouns with a blue crayon or marker and any proper nouns with red. For every sentence, the number of common and proper nouns are listed in parenthesis, so your student can use process of elimination to help themselves.

The second page has two sections, asking that your little learner write out common nouns for every proper noun listed and vice versa.

Subject Pronouns Free PosterSorting Nouns ActivitySorting Nouns ActivitySorting Nouns ActivitySorting Nouns ActivitySorting Nouns ActivityCommon and Proper NounsCommon and Proper Nouns

Get it now!
Get it now!

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