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Sound is measured in decibels (dB), which is a measure of the intensity of sounds. Silence is 0 dB, and the loudest sound in the world is above 300 dB. The Tunguska Meteor is the world’s record holder in sounds intensity, measuring between 300-315 dB. Compare this with the 235 dB of a 5.0 earthquake or the 210 dB of a 1-ton TNT bomb. Now that must be ear-splitting!

Talking about loudness, how much exposure to the loudest sound do you think is required before hearing loss occurs? It takes some time and happens in stages. Prolonged exposure above 85 dB will cause gradual hearing loss. More than 15 minutes of exposure above 100 dB may cause hearing loss, and more than 1 minute of exposure above 110 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.

Check out the infographic for some incredible facts about the loudest concerts ever, signs of hearing loss in humans and the top 10 loudest sounds. Study the sound trivia which lend themselves to further fun exploration.

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