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Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe. Check out some amazing and fun facts about Czech Republic.

  • The capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic is Prague.
  • The official language of Czech Republic is Czech.
  • The major rivers of the country are Vltava and Elbe.
    Czech Republic

    Roughly the size of seven football fields, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Built and renovated during 13 centuries, the complex includes churches, gardens, alleyways and royal residences that would take days to appreciate.

  • Czech people are the world’s heaviest consumers of beer.
  • The country has more than 2000 castles.
  • The Czechs’ national passion is mushroom hunting.
  • The Czech Economy relies heavily on the tourist industry.
  • The sugar cube was invented in this country in 1843.
  • During Easter, it is important to Czechs that they wear new items of clothing.
  • Some of the most renowned spa towns are in this Republic.
  • It is one of the top 10 countries worldwide in terms of the fastest average internet speed.
  • When a Czech person is counting on their fingers, they will also include their toes: so they have 20 fingers!
  • Škoda Auto, one of the largest car manufacturers in Central Europe, is based in the Czech Republic.
  • This country has one of the most least religious populations in Europe.
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