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Switzerland has a long and strong tradition of political and military neutrality. Find out more about this amazing country by checking these Switzerland Facts!

  • Switzerland has been an independent country since 1499.
  • Switzerland is the first and only country to implement a system of government based on the people’s administration.
  • There are 26 cantons in Switzerland, each of which acts as a state, with its own constitution, legislature, government and courts.
  • Switzerland has no single Head of State.
    Switzerland Facts

    Holes in Swiss cheese are caused by carbon dioxide gas given off by the bacteria and also provided flavour and fermentation. Fondue was originally a peasant meal that used up old bread and cheese.

  • In Switzerland, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust happened.
  • There’s a political party in Switzerland that actually works to decrease the number of PowerPoints used in professional presentations.
  • There is also a statue of Charlie Chaplin! Charlie died there in 1977.
  • In Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig. You got to have them in pairs.
  • Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland.
  • A lawyer in Switzerland represents animals in court.
  • The Swiss Army Knife’s corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland, but in Japan.
  • Dalai Lama owns the smallest vineyard in the world, which is located in Switzerland.
  • Nestlé, founded by Swiss Henri Nestle, is the biggest food company in the world.
  • Swiss Guards protect the Pope at the Vatican.
  • The flag of the Red Cross is the flag of Switzerland with the colors inverted.
  • The Swiss are world-wide leaders in private banking or asset management for individuals.
  • Switzerland is one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers.
  • Switzerland leads the world in chocolate consumption.
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