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Paul David Hewson, nicknamed Bono, is a member of Irish rock band U2 and an activist. Find out more about this amazing man.

  • Bono was born on 10 May 1960 in the city of Dublin in Ireland.
  • Bono means good voice actually.
  • He worked at a gas station before joining U2.

    “Celebrity is currency, so I wanted to use mine effectively.” – Bono

  • He joined the band U2 in the year 1976 when he was still in his high school and was the lead singer of the band.
  • He pays great attention to the fight against AIDS and poverty in Africa.
  • Bono is also engaged in a campaign called “Make Poverty History”.
  • Bono created a non-profit organization DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) in the year 2004.
  • Bono met with President Sarkozy of France early in 2008, to discuss issues brought to light by DATA.
  • He founded five different charity organizations and has held countless charitable concerts.
  • He holds about 1.5 % of the stakes of Facebook.
  • He finally got the Nobel Peace Prize called Man of Peace in 2008 because of his humanitarian work.
  • Queen Elizabeth also awarded him position of Honorary Knight in the great British Empire.
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