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Want to know some interesting and shocking facts about our father of nation? Check out our amazing facts about Mahatma Gandhi!

  • He was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India.
  • Gandhi spent most of his time fighting for the independence of India.
  • He is often referred to as Bapu in Indian, which stands for “Father of the Nation.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.”
    – Gandhi

  • Gandhi believed in non-violence, a policy he called “Satyagraha.”
  • He led the Salt March to protest against the British. When Britain put a tax on salt, Gandhi decided to walk 241 miles to the sea in Dandi to make his own salt. Thousands of Indians joined him in his march.
  • Gandhi was put in prison several times for organizing these protests.
  • Gandhi was regularly corresponding with Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy.
  • Mahatma Gandhi lived principally on fruits and goat’s milk.
  • He was the 1930 Time Magazine Man of the Year. It is also the International Day of Non-Violence.
  • The 1982 movie Gandhi won the Academy Award for best motion picture.
  • Gandhi wrote a lot. The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi have 50,000 pages!
  • He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times, but he never got one.
  • Gandhi was assassinated on January 30th, 1948 at the Birla Bhavan in New Delhi.
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