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Here are some interesting facts about the first president of the United States, including his amazing wealth, his career as a moonshiner, and a lot more. Check it out!

  • George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.
  • Washington is the only President who never ran for President!
  • George Washington fired the first shot which began the French and Indian War.
    George Washington Facts

    “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” – Washington

  • He established the two-term tradition for the Presidency.
  • Washington gave freedom to his slaves in his will.
  • He was the first president to veto a bill from Congress.
  • George Washington played a key role in the American Revolution during which the American colonists won their independence from British rule.
  • Washington played a key role in major events of American history including the forming of the Constitution of the USA and establishing the 1791 Bill of Rights.
  • At six feet, two inches tall, and 200 pounds, he was one of our biggest presidents.
  • George Washington never shook hands with people.
  • Toothaches bothered him for years. When he was 57, he had all his teeth pulled.
  • His friends called him “General”—even his wife, Martha (at least in public).
  • George Washington never wore a powdered wig, as was the custom for men at the time.
  • Although he helped plan the nation’s new capital city that was named for him, he never lived there.
  • President Washington’s picture on the $1.00 bill is based on a painting by Gilbert Stuart.
  • George Washington was the first president to be pictured on a postage stamp.
  • Today’s White House staff has more employees than the entire United States government did in Washington’s time.
  • George Washington died of a throat infection on Dec. 14, 1799.