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Explore your child’s ability to write creative stories with these free prompts and paper!

Your child will be inundated with boring standardized test prompts in school these days. Why not liven up their creative spirit with fun and engaging prompts? These colorful and free blank papers and prompts are sure to spark some creative flames!

  • Explain the perfect day. What would you do? Who would you be with? Detail the entire day, starting from the morning and ending with the evening.
  • You trip over something and fall to the ground. At eye level, you realize that there is a piece of gold sticking out of the ground. You begin to dig and find more—what do you do next?

Halloween is right around the corner, so why not use these fun and spooky prompts and sentence starters? Sentence starters ensure that your child will have at least one sentence completed. Generally, this one sentence sparks more of an idea, and they are then on a roll with their writing! Have them copy down the sentence starter, and then allow them to finish the sentence however they please.

Here are some spook-tacular sentence starters:

  • The creaking of the stairs grew louder with every step, and then…
  • He heard a shrill in the night time air as chills ran down his spine and…
  • Had she left the door open? She didn’t think anything of it until she saw…

To really engage your students and liven up the atmosphere, make it a timed writing challenge. Quick writes are fantastic ways to add a little competition to students’ writing. However, there’s more magic to the task than what appears on the surface. Quick writes work to eliminate the thinking behind your child’s writing. If your little one knows that they only have two minutes to jot their ideas down, then they will only focus on that. Make it a competition by having students count their words at the end of each timed quick write, and see who can write the most! To discourage heavy competitive spirit, encourage students to compete against themselves. Can they write more words than last time?

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