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Inspire your young learner to write, draw, or pass the time in a productive manner with this free blank handwriting paper! Download this free worksheet and print it out at your convenience. Whether you need a filler activity or something quiet for students to complete after a test, this free download is perfect for your needs!

On this particular handwriting worksheet you will find four birds, each in their own corner of the paper. These birds are placed on a bright red border, so be sure your printer has color ink! Don’t these birds look like they’re ready to accompany some brilliant words or doodles? Your student is sure to enjoy their whimsical nature.

If you are looking for ideas to spark imagination in your children, then here are some ideas:

  • What would you do if you woke up and it really was raining candy and food from outside? What would you want it to rain? How would this change your day?
  • Create a map for buried treasure. Where is the treasure located? How far away is it? How long will it take to find?
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