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Finding educational activities to entertain your child can be difficult. Whether you are in search for a filler activity within a classroom or a rainy day activity at home, you want meaningful and educational activities. Find the best of both worlds with this fun, free, and engaging worksheet!

Any lover of cows and fluffy animals is sure to love this free handwriting worksheet. There are three cows patiently waiting on a hill for the paper to fill with doodles and words. Your little one can use this free worksheet as a new journal page, a doodle page, or a place to practice handwriting by creating a story or rewriting vocabulary terms.

Whether this free handwriting page adds some flare to your handwriting lessons or entertainment to a day at home, it is sure to suit your needs. Here are some ideas for using this paper:

  • Animals can talk now! Create a conversation amongst these three cows. What are they saying to each other? What would they be talking about? What are their names?
  • Practice writing your name five times and then fill in every other blank space on the page!
  • Create a story for these cows. Where did they come from? Where are they going?
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