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Extreme emotions in children can be caused by a variety of different factors. Whatever your child is suffering from you can help them learn to deal with their emotions in an appropriate manner. By using these Emotional Talk Bulb flashcards you can help teach your child a vocabulary for emotions which will allow them to identify and express their emotions.

How to Use:

While your child is calm and at their most attentive point of the day have them complete this emotional learning activity with you. Only complete one to three Emotional Talk Bulbs at a time, depending on your child’s attention span and emotional capacity. Over loading your child with emotions may cause them to panic and is not the intent. Rather these worksheets should be used as a way to open a dialogue (in words, pictures or whatever way they best express themselves) with your child about their emotions.

Print the Emotional Talk Bulb series and provide your child with their favorite art medium (crayons, markers, water paints, etc.)

Ask your child to describe the face on the emotional talk bulb; ask how that face makes them feel; ask them if they like the face.

Ask your child to write a story or picture about a time when they felt like the face on the page.

Teach them a sentence they can say when they are experiencing the emotion in the picture so that they can communicate their emotions, such as “I am frustrated and angry, I need help.” Or “That _____ made me very happy! I love when that happens!”

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