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Chess is a classic game of strategy and logic. Use these simplified rules to help your child build their logic skills!

How to assemble:
1) Print both sides #1 and #2
2) Cut cardboard from a recycled box (cereal boxes or moving boxes work great!) to fit
3) Glue the printed game board to the cardboard
4) Use recycled pieces from other board games or make your own game markers. Use recycled dice or a dice app for your phone or kindle if the game calls for it.

Simplified rules of the game:

You’ll need the following markers which should be set up on the back two rows of opposing sides of the board.
> Castle | Knight | Rook | Queen | King | Rook | Knight | Castle
> Eight Pawns in a row.

Pieces can move in these directions:

Castle – Can move forward, backward or side to side as far as it wants. It can’t move diagonally.

Knight – Can move diagonally as far as it wants but cannot move forward, backward or side to side.

Rook – Can move forward, backward or side to side as far as you want. It can’t move diagonally.

Queen – Can move in any one direction (forward, backward, side to side or diagonally) as far as you want.

King – Can move in any direction, but only one square at a time.

Pawn – Can move forward one square at a time except for their first move in which they can move forward two squares. Unlike the other players pawns capture other players diagonally.

Capturing – You can capture your opponent’s pieces with your own as your pieces are moving in their specified direction, except for the pawn which captures diagonally.

The Goal – To check and capture your opponent’s king.

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