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It is a race to the finish in this classic game of Ludo! Use your markers to beat your opponents to the middle for a win!

How to assemble:
1) Print both sides #1 and #2
2) Cut cardboard from a recycled box (cereal boxes or moving boxes work great!) to fit
3) Glue the printed game board to the cardboard
4) Use recycled pieces from other board games or make your own game markers. Use recycled dice or a dice app for your phone or kindle if the game calls for it.

Rules of the game:
At the beginning of the game each player should have four tokens which are stored in their chosen color corner of the board.
At the beginning of each players turn they proceed to move one token at a time toward the center of the board.
By roll of the dice the player finds out how many squares they can move and moves one token at a time accordingly.
The first person with all tokens in the middle wins!

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