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Illinois – Abbreviated IL

Capital – Springfield

The most famous city in Illinois is undoubtedly Chicago, immortalized in all manner of popular culture. In December 1818 Illinois became the 21st state to join the Union.


Indiana – Abbreviated IN

Capital – Indianapolis

Fort Vincennes, Indiana was the starting point for the famous explorers Lewis and Clark when they made their famous trek to discover and map the Northwest Territory. Indiana officially became a state in December of 1818.


Kansas – Abbreviated KS

Capital – Topeka

The first woman mayor in the United States was elected in 1887 in Argonia, Kansas. Kansas also is the geographical center of the United States. Its official statehood began in January of 1861.


Iowa – Abbreviated IA

Capital – Des Moines

Iowa is the only state whose borders on the East and West are entirely made up of rivers with the Mississippi River on the East and the Big Sioux River and Missouri River on the West. Iowa officially became a state in December 1846.


Louisiana – Abbreviated LA

Capital – Baton Rouge

Originally the territory of Orleans, Louisiana officially became a state in April of 1812. Much of Southern Louisiana is lower in elevation than the water table, this is why there are above ground tombs in many cities, rather than typical burial plots.


Maryland – Abbreviated MD

Capital – Annapolis

During its earliest colonial period, Maryland made refuge for persecuted Catholics making this state the birthplace of United State’s religious freedom. Maryland is also the 7th state, joining the Union in April 1788.




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