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Kentucky – Abbreviated KY

Capital – Frankfort

The 15th state to join the Union in June 1792, Kentucky was originally part of Virginia. It’s nickname as the “bluegrass state” isn’t because of the prevalence of bluegrass music, rather because of the actual bluegrass found in its pastures.


Maine – Abbreviated ME

Capital – Augusta

In March of 1820, Massachusetts’ District of Maine became the 23rd state to join the Union. Maine is well known for its abundant seafood including clams and lobster.


Massachusetts – Abbreviated MA

Capital – Boston

Massachusetts played a large role in much of early American history. It is the home of Plymouth Rock, the landing site of the Mayflower; one of the spurning acts of the Revolutionary War, the Boston Tea Party, took place in Boston Harbor; and it was the home of the Springfield Armory which contributed many major advances to the Industrial Revolution. It is the 6th state in the Union, joining in February of 1788.


Minnesota – Abbreviated MN

Capital – Saint Paul

While Minnesota is the 12th largest state in the nation, nearly 60% of its population is based in the “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. In May of 1858 Minnesota officially because a state in the Union.


Michigan – Abbreviated MI

Capital – Lansing

The word Michigan is the French form of a Ojibwa word meaning “large water”, and rightfully so as the state of Michigan has the world’s longest freshwater shoreline with more than 36,000 miles of streams. The statehood of Michigan became official in January of 1837.


Mississippi – Abbreviated MS

Capital – Jackson

Mississippi joined the Union as a state in December 1817. It was the second state to succeed from the Union and Join the Confederate States of America in January of 1861. It was also the first state to erect a monument to the Confederacy in the city of Liberty in 1871.



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