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Chemistry graphics are a great way to visually interest your students in science! This chemistry beaker clipart set (Beakers Empty Full) is free and printable!

If you write a class newsletter, whether you send home a printed one or email a PDF, you can easily add clipart to it if you aren’t already! Create a basic template you can use each time, or change out the clipart to make it relevant to your topic or the season!

Did you know you can print clipart reeeeeallly big? Yep! Whether you’re making a welcome bulletin board for the beginning of the year hallway, adding a bit of decor around some showcase pieces in your room or decorating your door for a special event/holiday — clipart can be the perfect solution!

If you are in the classroom, you have labels. Why not make them fun? When you’re prepping for name labels or supply labels, add some clipart alongside the word or name! And you obviously don’t have to use sticky labels, plain paper and tape will work for lots of situation.


Chile Pepper, How Hot Is It?School Clipart – ScienceSchool Clipart – Beakers Empty FullSchool Clipart – Beaker Name TagsSchool Clipart – Beaker Set Banner

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