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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States but he was also a very interesting man. Find out more about him!

  • Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882.
  • FDR is the only president to be elected to four terms.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt was Franklin’s fifth cousin and uncle to his wife Eleanor.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts

    The Good Neighbor Policy was the common name (first expressed in the First Inaugural Address in 1933) for FDR’s foreign policy with regard to Latin America. Under the new policy, the United States pledged that it would treat Latin American nations with respect and avoid intervening in their foreign and domestic affairs.

  • He was the first president to appear on television during a 1939 broadcast from the World’s Fair.
  • FDR was the first president to have a presidential aircraft.
  • Roosevelt was the first president to appoint a woman into Cabinet.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only president that was paralyze.
  • FDR piloted the country successfully through two major events – the Great Depression and World War II.
  • In February 1945 Franklin Roosevelt played a key role in the Yalta conference, also known as the Crimea Conference.
  • After Roosevelt’s presidency, a law was made that allowed presidents to serve a maximum of two terms.
  • FDR was an avid stamp collector. By the time he died, he had over 1,000,000 stamps in his personal collection.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of only eight presidents to die in office.
  • The Rose Garden is the burial site of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.