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There are a number of interesting facts about Herbert Hoover. He was the 31st President of the United States. Find out more about this amazing man!

  • Hoover was born August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa.
  • His middle name was Clark.
  • Hoover was the first president born west of the Mississippi River.
    Herbert Hoover Facts

    To help President Hoover stay fit, White House doctor Cdr. Joel Boone invented a game called “Hooverball,” which is a combination of volleyball and tennis using a weighted medicine ball.

  • Herbert Hoover was a Quaker.
  • He signed the congressional resolution that made the Star Spangled Banner the national anthem of the United States.
  • Hoover became very unpopular as the Great Depression continued.
  • He undertook tariffs such as Smooth-Hawley Tariff, public works projects like the Hoover Dam construction, increased the Corporate Tax and the top Tax Bracket, in order to deal with the depression in the market.
  • Herbert Hoover did not accept his salary for president, but had it donated to charity.
  • Hoover was the first president to have a telephone sitting on his desk.
  • Hoover is ranked as an average amongst the Presidents of US.
  • Herbert Hoover died in New York, New York on October 20, 1964. He was 90 years old.
  • There are two asteroids named for Herbert Hoover.