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Download these free US state flashcards today to help your child memorize! Make a fun game out of it by downloading, printing, cutting out each flash card, and then folding the name of the state over. Play a memorization game with your child, and reveal the state name once they guess. How many can they correctly answer?

New Mexico (NM)

Capital: Santa Fe

Fun fact:  Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level.

New Hampshire (NH)

Capital: Concord

Fun Fact: Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England — a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

New York (NY)

Capital: Albany

Fun Fact: The 641 mile transportation network known as the Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway is the longest toll road in the United States.

North Carolina (NC)

Capital: Raleigh

Fun Fact: The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is the oldest State University in the United States.

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