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Download these free US state flashcards today to help your child memorize! Make a fun game out of it by downloading, printing, cutting out each flash card, and then folding the name of the state over. Play a memorization game with your child, and reveal the state name once they guess. How many can they correctly answer?

Delaware (DE)

Capital: Dover

Fun fact: In 1787, Delaware was the first of the twelve states to ratify the new constitution.

Hawaii (HI)

Capital: Honolulu

Fun Fact: The current U.S. president, Barack Obama, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Idaho (ID)

Capital: Boise

Fun Fact: The states that border Idaho include: Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington.

Florida (FL)

Capital: Tallahassee

Fun Fact: Floria is known as “the sunshine state”.


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