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Edward Dolch theorized that there are a select grouping of important words for various levels of readers to memorize. Help prepare your child for their appropriate reading level by studying these Dolch words. Simply download and print, and then help your child study through a variety of different means.

You can create flashcards for the words, use them in your daily conversations, and help to provide texts to read for your child that incorporate these words. Ensure that your little learner is headed for success by preparing using this free full Dolch word list!

Full Dolch Word ListThird Grade Dolch Vocabulary ListSecond Grade Dolch VocabularyDolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)Dolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)Dolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)Dolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)Dolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)Dolch Words By Grade (Pre-Primer)

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