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The classic game of strategy, checkers! This board is for the fun Chinese Checkers version where you can compete with up to six players!

How to assemble:

1) Print both sides #1 and #2
2) Cut cardboard from a recycled box (cereal boxes or moving boxes work great!) to fit
3) Glue the printed game board to the cardboard
4) Use recycled pieces from other board games or make your own game markers. Use recycled dice or a dice app for your phone or kindle if the game calls for it.

Rules of the game:

Look around the house and find something you can recycle as game markers. A fun option is to use small edible treats that you can eat as you play! You will need to be able to differentiate between players, think different colors, shapes or sizes –as long as they fit on the board.

Choose your triangles! If there are only two players then you should you triangles opposite each other. If only three triangles then you should use every other triangle.

Flip a coin to decide who goes first. The game will proceed to the left.

On your turn move your piece once into an adjacent free space. Your piece can move in any direction you wish. You can also hop over another marker, but only going forward and only if you have not already moved a marker in the current turn. Unlike regular checkers the jumped peg remains in the game.

Your goal is the opposing triangle. To win you must fill the opposing triangle with all of your markers. Once your markers are in the opposing triangle you should not move them out again. The first person to fill the opposing triangle wins!

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