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This twisting and turning adventure is great for the whole family! Perfect for teaching children how to follow directions!

How to assemble:

1) Print both sides #1 and #2
2) Cut cardboard from a recycled box (cereal boxes or moving boxes work great!) to fit
3) Glue the printed game board to the cardboard
4) Use recycled pieces from other board games or make your own game markers. Use recycled dice or a dice app for your phone or kindle if the game calls for it.

Rules of the game:

Flip a coin to see who goes first.
Roll a die (or find an app on your phone) to see how many spaces to move your marker.
Follow the directions on whatever space you land on.
The numbers on the spaces are your points, keep score on a separate piece of paper or your smart phone.
Give the first person to cross the finish line an extra 20 points.
Once everyone is across the finish line add up the points to see who wins!

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Get it now!