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Some animals spend most of their lives under water. They can hold their breath for a very long time and dive really deep. Find out more about diving depths!

Humans are not bad at diving either, but compared to animals their diving skills are modest. Pearl divers can dive without external air supply to depths of more than 39 meters where they collect oysters for up to two minutes. The world record holder in scuba diving dove to 318.25 meters in 20 minutes, and it took him 12 hours to surface.

What about animals? The emperor penguin dives deeper than any other bird. Bottlenose dolphins can dive as deep as 535 meters, and beluga whales to a depth of 647 meters.

For a long time, elephant seals were thought to be the deepest divers with a depth of 2388 meters, but sperm whales have outperformed them with an amazing 3000 meters in depth right to the ocean floor where they collect their food.

Find out more about the deepest-diving animals and why they do so in the infographic, and motivate your students to explore these lovely creatures in depth!

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