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Penguins are flightless birds that live in Antarctica. They spend about half of their lives in the ocean and half on land.

A year in the life of a penguin is dynamic. They spend a lot of time walking between land and ocean. The period between January and March is spent feeding. From May to November they are busy raising their chicks on land. In December when the ice breaks up, adults leave and chicks fledge.

Did you know that as soon as the egg is laid (penguins lay one or two eggs at a time), the female dashes out for dinner, leaving the male to watch the nest.

When the female returns (it can take up to two weeks for her to come back) it’s the male’s turn to head out for food, leaving the female with the egg.

Let the penguins march into your classroom with this lovely infographic! Show your learners how these amazing birds live and march!

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